Victor Doroshenko


Aug 03, 2022

Constraints on the magnetic field structure in accreting compact objects from aperiodic variability

Juhani Mönkkönen has finally managed to wrap-up and push his main PhD paper through all the hurdles of complex data analysis and refereeing process. I were lucky to be with Sergey Tsygankov at the beginning of the project which we initially wanted to do ourselves, but failed miserably :) So, the more important is the conclusion, congratulations! The basic idea of the paper is that properties of the aperiodic variability appear to be similar and (unsurprisingly) driven by same physics in many kinds of compact objects, and can be used to probe interaction of the magnetosphere with accretion flow. In particular, Juhani used the observed power spectra of Her~X-1 to argue for presence of strong multipole field components in the source.