Victor Doroshenko




Students say I do nice lectures. If you are a student at Tuebingen University and look for materials for my courses, please look-up my name on ILIAS. If you need slides or recordings from archived courses (including High Energy Astrophysics, End points of stellar evolution, and observational X-ray astronomy), just drop me an email. Same if you would like to work on a MS/BS thesis under my supervision.

Besides ILIAS some supplementary materials to the "Observational X-ray astronomy" course (interactive ipython notebooks) are available on on github. Currently it also hosts some useful tools for Theseus simulations + a module to query HEASARC tables (outdated but can be useful considering that astroquery dropped it).


I'll be offering "Observational X-ray astronomy also in SS2021", please enroll when the course appears on ALMA/ILIAS if you missed it in current semester. You can get an idea of what we'll do from practical point of view by visiting already menitoned github repository. Note that only python-related part is hosted there.

Group composition

If you're interested in doing thesis under my supervision it makes sense to talk to the people who already do it, right? The students who are currently under my supervision are listed below.

  • Artur Avakyan is a PhD student working on analysis of the Galactic X-ray binary population as part of our large-scale effort within eROSTEP research unit project "Galactic science with eRosita"
  • Marvin Neuman is working on updating the catalog of High mass X-ray binaries as part of his master thesis. Marvin has also already completed with me his bachelor project "Accretion states of X-ray pulsars in Magellanic clouds pulsars".
  • Moritz Klawin has completed his bachelor thesis "Timing of Cen X-3 with RXTE and HXMT" and has started master project on polarization in the same source (also under my supervision)

Former group members

Of course, you can also talk to my former students who have already completed their projects and moved on to other research or life areas. - Inga Saathof defended her PhD thesis titled "Assembling the pulsed puzzle of X-ray pulsars" - Vadim Vybornov was a PhD student who started his thesis "Changes in X-ray spectra of accreting pulsars on short and long time scales" under supervision of D. Klochkov, and finished with my help - Pano Herbe has finished his master "Accreting Pulsar Studies with Fermi-GBM Data" (spending half of his time in Huntsville, Alabama, as part of the Fermi GBM team) - Simon Treuz did a bachelor project "Distances to Galactic X-ray pulsars" under my supervision - Davide Cardinale were visiting Tuebingen to work on his master thesis "Reflection in intermediate polars" (with Palermo University) - Giulia Termini were visiting Tuebingen to work on her master thesis "Pulse profile variability in transient X-ray pulsars" (with Palermo University) - Alexander Landstorfer did his Zulassungsarbeit "X-ray scattering in HESS J1731-347 supernova remnant" with me and is now a PhD student@IAAT - Fahim Stuman did his master on "Analysis and characterization of the X-ray source population in the field of view of an XMM-Newton observation of 1A0535+26" with me