Victor Doroshenko




I am currently a research assistant of the head (equivalent to assistant professor), i.e. Prof. Dott. Andrea Santangelo) at the Institute fuer Astronomie und Astrophysik (IAAT), University of Tuebingen. I grew-up under the shade once worlds's largest 6m telescope in south of Russia, and then obtained my master's degree at Sternberg Astronomical Institute (Moscow State University, Russia). There I worked under the supervision of Prof. Konstantin Postnov and Alexander Lutovinov from Space Research Institute. After briefly abadoning the field to work at Hewlett-Packard and Procter&Gamble as an ERP consultant, me and my wife Rozaliya moved to Tuebingen to get our Ph.Ds under the supervision of Prof. Santangelo. And two kids, who restricted our mobility somewhat. Anyway, we liked Tuebingen very much and were lucky with the funding, so I stayed at IAAT working first as a postdoc, and then as a research assistant which allowed me to digest a large part of observational X-ray astronomy!

My research interests are mainly related to observational studies of accretion onto compact objects (neutron stars and white dwarfs), particularly accretion at extremely low and high accretion rates. Of course, I don't hesitate to touch other research areas and wavebands like supernova-remnants and other extended sources like the recently discovered eRosita-bubbles (which I were lucky to be among the first to notice), dust emission and absorbtion, etc.

I'm also involved in the developement of new instrumentation, both for X-ray (eRosita, LOFT, XIPE, IXPE, eXTP, Theseus to name a few), and \(\gamma\)-ray astronomy (HESS/CTA). Right now I'm focussing on exploitation of the ongoing eRosita survey within German eRosita consortium where I co-chair the Galactic compact object working group. I also eagerly await launch of the IXPE mission this year, which will open an entirely new area in X-ray astronomy (i.e. polarization studies), and I'm looking forward to be part of it.

Last but not least, I also teach, and I like to teach! I currently offer ``Observational X-ray astronomy course'' and help Prof. Santangelo with other courses listed on ILIAS system of Tuebingen University. More details about my researh and teaching can be found in my academic CV